About Us

Emakatt Technologies is a pan African start-up taking advantage of innovation and technology to solve African based problems. We are making solutions that are technological to be more accessible and affordable to the African population.

Our journey started in January 2017 and we are hoping to do this for the next 200 years, not because we can but because we should.

Our Innovation and Solution

Emakatt Laundry

We have developed a mobile and web app that allows users to request pick up o their clothes anywhere and anytime to be taken to laundry and dry cleaner and delivered back in less than 48 hours.  And not just that, but our prices are as low as up to TZS 390, we can do that because we have found ways to minimize costs in traditional laundry business.

The application is available in iOS and Android and directly on the web via www.emakatt.com

We envision the Emakatt to solve all the household problems i.e. cleaning, fixing, repairing and moving just by pressing a button.

Kooffice Freelancing

It is harder to have a skilled and experienced individual in Africa than having malaria, we are joking. The point we are trying to make is start-ups, SMEs and individual traders are having challenging time to locate, work and partner with experts and skilled individuals. First, the one available are very expensive and second is the one who are affordable are already hired or employed by big organizations.

Kooffice is a platform for individuals in Africa with skills, talents and experience in various fields (either employed, self employed or unemployed) join to freelance to the start-up community, SMEs and traders. Skills like accountants, auditors, graphic designers, advertisers, programmers and lawyers.

Freelancers will be rated and reviewed by the clients to establish their credibility and earn more clients. An escrow account managed by Kooffice is available to guarantee freelancers on their payments before commencing the job and offer guarantee to clients on job being done before payment remittances.

The platform is available through www.kooffice.com

Our key motive for Kooffice is to minimize unemployment, underemployment, limited supply of skills and expertise in the community.

The Future

Emakatt always strive to observe problems facing the African community and brainstorm to come up with innovative and technological solutions towards them while making them affordable and accessible.