Terms and Conditions

Emakatt knows in any business operation unexpected events, damages, loss, theft, and inconvenience happen. You have statutory right to cancel an order and be refunded in case of advance payment or damage/loss


What If My Clothes Are Lost?

  • Our team has a clear identification and separate controls for every client’s clothes.
  • In case of confirmed loss, our team will REIMBURSE you the full amount of your lost clothes after establishment.


What if My Clothes Are Damaged?

  • In operation of our laundry machines, it might happen that some of the delicate clothes were not separated or mixed that might lead to damage like buttons loss or minor tear
  • It might happen some of the clothes have color bleeding and were not smoothly separated that might affect to bleed to other clothes
  • Our team will make effort to repair the clothes and return them to their normal or better state using our cost. In case of failure to do so, we will reimburse the amount of the damage or new purchase.
  • To control that our team will review and note all damages and problems that the clothes come after pick up to avoid confusion of our office damage and brought damage.


What If I delay To Pay Or Pay Incomplete?

  • We will not release your clothes until the full amount is paid and confirmed
  • Prices and estimated costs will be shared with you prior pick up.


What If I Cancel?

  • We know unplanned events might happen that can force you to cancel your pick up request, we allow free cancellation one hour prior to confirmed pick up time.
  • Any cancellation of an order less than an hour prior to pick up time will attract a fixed fee of TZS 3,000.


How About My Refund?

 In a position of advance payment for the service and an event of cancellation happen we will refund full amount for cancellation of more than an hour of pick up and in case of cancellation within an hour of pick up we will deduct TZS 3,000 from the amount.